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Wycombe Homeless Connection

Wycombe Homeless Connection was originally known as the Wycombe Winter Night ShelterNight Shelter, and was set up in 2007 by a group of local Christians to provide emergency care for local homeless people during the winter months from January to March. It accommodated up to 10 homeless guests nightly, providing not only the essentials of a warm shelter, dinner, bed and breakfast but also friendship and practical support with homelessness and other issues. This was a shared venture including 7 churches that provided venues one night a week supported by around 300 volunteers from around 60 churches of all denominations, and volunteers not attached to churches.

There are no longer dormitory style Night Shelters because accommmodation is being provided instead. WHC needs your help to make sure no one has to sleep rough this winter. https://wyhoc.org.uk/winter-appeal. You can make sure that extra-special emergency accommodation and support and help is provided during the coldest, most dangerous months of the year so people do not have to sleep on the street and that they can be helped to find a home of their own.. 

WHC also runs a year round support service for people who are either homeless or at risk of becomeing homeless. If you would like to find out more about Wycombe Homeless Connection, volunteer, or make a donation, visit the Wycombe Homeless Connection web site.

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